Our team is always ready to chat with you about how Nourish can fit your family's lifestyle. We've compiled some frequently asked questions about our service here, but feel free to email or call anytime!

Where does Nourish deliver?

Nourish delivers to homes and businesses in most zip codes across the St. Louis area. If your zip code is not included in our delivery zone, please email hello@nourishathome.com so we can consider your neighborhood or workplace when we expand.

How will my Nourish meals be delivered?

Your meals are created by our chefs and flash-frozen to retain all the goodness and flavor they've created. All Nourish dishes contain no preservatives and will arrive frozen so that you can heat and serve that very day or save for later in the week. Every dish can cook from frozen in an hour or less – no need to thaw / plan ahead.

How will I be billed?

If you choose the one month option, you’ll be billed weekly, when your subscription is delivered. If you choose the three month, bi-weekly option, you’ll be billed every two weeks, when your subscription is delivered. If you choose the three month, weekly option, you’ll receive a cost savings (this package is our best deal!) and be billed once per month, for 4 weeks of subscription packages. 

Can I skip a delivery?

Yes! You can go to the 'Settings' tab under 'My Account' to skip a week up until 5 days before delivery. The week you're skipping will be added on to the end of your subscription. If you'd like, you could also have your delivery for that week sent to a friend! Great idea for someone who has a new baby or is ill. Contact us 5 business days before to change the address of the delivery and to add a personal note - no charge!

What if my delivery is scheduled on a holiday?

Great question! We will deliver your order the business day before so your package can help you with your holiday meal planning!

Can I change or cancel my subscription?

Yes! Simply login to your account and you should see a list of all your subscriptions. Click 'edit' and you can change your package, the frequency you receive the package or, if necessary, cancel. Any changes must be made 5 days before your next delivery. But before you consider canceling, please contact us at hello@nourishathome.com and let us know what you would like to see in our program. We built this for YOU, and we want to know what you think.

What happens if I'm not there to receive a delivery?

If no one is home to receive the delivery, please make sure you have a cooler out for us to store your food. If we do not see a cooler we will try to leave your delivery with a neighbor. If neither option works, a small re-delivery fee will apply and we will try and deliver again the next business day.

How many does each Nourish item serve?

Each Nourish item (meal, side, appetizer or dessert) is made to serve 4. We recommend that you make it a meal by adding in fun salads, or other side dishes your family enjoys in order to complete the meal. In our market, we offer many items that serve 2, but who doesn't love Nourishing leftovers?

Does Nourish accommodate specific diets or allergies?

Nourish works with our in-house chefs to provide a healthy and varied menu. We have many options that are gluten-free, vegetarian, and a few vegan selections, but because our kitchen handles many types of events, we are not able to guarantee that our meals have not come into contact with gluten, nuts, or other common food allergens. Please see our menu key for notations on what items fit your dietary needs, as well as your nutrition guide and ingredients lists for more detailed information.

How can I find the nutritional information for my Nourish dishes?

For nutritional information on our Healthy Choice items, click here. For a full list of ingredients for your Nourish dishes, click here.

I really like an item I've received in a previous package, how can I get it again?

Great news! Our subscription packages include two cycles in 6-week increments, so you will see some of your favorite items again at your 12-week renewal! In addition, you can always call ahead to our market to see if we have it in our freezers to add it to your package, or simply come in and shop for what you want!

How often does the menu change?

We will change many items seasonally, but some fan favorites (like Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese!) will remain.

Can I find out what items are coming?

If you want to know specifically what to expect, take a look at our current seasonal menu for each subscription. And if you like to plan ahead, we would suggest you ask for a delivery on Friday so you can know what you have for the weekend or following week and plan around it!

What if my items are thawed?

If your delivery has partially thawed, it is safe to go into the freezer. If it has completely thawed but is cold, please put it in the refrigerator and cook in the next day or 2, using the same cooking instructions, but cutting the time in approximately 1/2 or when item is heated through.

What if I am interested in having an event catered, can Nourish do that?

Yes! Contact our Catering Department at 314-835-9977 for catering in St. Louis, or visit our website at www.hollyberrycatering.com.

What is served in your catering-to-go market?

Visit our market in Rock Hill to pick up quick meals for lunch, dinner for your family, or create customized catering-to-go options for your next party! For weekly deals, events and discounts, view our Market Calendar

Do we currently deliver to you?

Check out our list of delivery zip codes to see if Nourish subscriptions can be delivered directly to your home or business.

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Catering-To-Go Market

Visit the Nourish Market in Rock Hill to pick up quick meals for lunch, dinner for your family, or create customized catering-to-go options for your next party! For weekly deals, events and discounts, view our Market Calendar.

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