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Select the Nourish meal plan that best fits your family and your lifestyle and take a step toward delicious, home-cooked meals without the stress of shopping or preparation. And that means more time for the things (and people!) you love.

Wondering what type of food you'll get in your subscription? Check out our current meal rotation.

Current Meal Rotation

WH: 3 entrees per package - corporate

A great plan for busy families, you'll receive Nourish entrees that your whole crew will love. Simply heat the entrees in the oven and add your own sides for crowd-pleasing meals any night of the week.

HH: 2 entrees + 2 sides per package - corporate

When you're looking for balance in your meal planning, this package has you covered! A mix of our delicious entrees and tasty sides for meals you can feel good about.

CC: 2 entrees + 1 side + 1 extra item per package - corporate

Ready for an adventure? This package includes seasonal dishes and the latest and greatest of our chef's creations. A great way to get to know all of our Nourish offerings.

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Catering-To-Go Market

Visit the Nourish Market in Rock Hill to pick up quick meals for lunch, dinner for your family, or create customized catering-to-go options for your next party! For weekly deals, events and discounts, view our Market Calendar.

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